my first anime ship…. rinharu…. what have i become….


PAULA!!! guys this is big news. paula is watching the swimming anime. oh boy please tell me you’ll watch all the way thru season two. !!! IM SO HAPPY????? 

claps buttcheeks really hard

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haruka makes such a pretty mermaid

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for future notice.

DO NOT reblog personal posts about my sex life. that’s just… weird…. its okay if you guys read it cuz youre my followers and you know a lot about my life already but…. you dont need to share that on your blog. kay? 

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personal stuff about my love/sex life?? read if you want idc 

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im on ello as ouran because tamaki wasn’t available

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you know when you start out drawing something and then it turns into something else….. get out of my head merboys 

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visited warner bros studios today and had a blast at the harry potter exhibit. click pictures for captions

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some of the ignorance on this website is astounding. 

i’m seeing people repost my own and others artwork everywhere. i can’t browse any tags without seeing reposted and unsourced artwork. it’s really simple guys: if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t post it. unless you have explicit permission from the artist AND it’s sourced back to the creator. i’ve known artists who stopped posting online because of constant copyright issues. or artists who resort to big ugly watermarks that take away from the art itself. 

saying “well i never SAID it was mine” is the laziest solution. give credit where credit is due. 

and the way tumblr staff handles art theft is absurd. they won’t accept a complaint unless the artist themselves files it. some of these artists (from pixiv) don’t speak english and lack the ability to communicate. or are even aware that people are taking their work to a different website. 

here’s the solution: stop taking art and posting it on your blog without a source. that is WRONG. 

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our boys in Tokyo for fall and their first year at uni ´・ᴗ・`

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f o r  t h e  f u t u r e

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btw i have some free! race headcannons

haru - 100% japanese

makoto - japanese/thai

nagisa - japanese/german (blonde hair tho??)

rei - filipino 

rin/gou - mongolian

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rei openly weeping did me in. it just ripped me apart. he didn’t get to share that victory hug with his teammates in season one and now it’s all happening for him. my big baby <3


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last episode comes out while im driving to work…

gonna be sitting in that car for an hour just trying to distract myself from the inevitable end. there are so many… things… i want to happen… i cant even list them all…. 

more like free! eternal sadness! after today

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my good friend punkscully tagged me to do the outfit meme! and i decided why the hell not, i love my outfits. it was also a great warmup. 

i tag the mega cuties buddens and chuuface if they wanna ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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